Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Enable the PrestaShop 1.6 Smarty Debug Console

  1. In /config/, changed _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true.
  2. In /config/, after the assignment of the $smarty variable, add the following code:
    if (defined('_PS_MODE_DEV_') && _PS_MODE_DEV_)
        $smarty->debugging = true;
  3. In the template (.tpl file) you want to see debug info, add the following line at the very end of the template
  4. In the back office / advanced parameters / performance, click the "Clear Cache" button at the top right.
  5. In the URL that you are testing, add the param SMARTY_DEBUG (e.g. http://ls/index.php?id_product=57&controller=product&SMARTY_DEBUG).
  6. Make sure that you are not getting a pop-up blocked by your browser. Once you allow the popup, you will get your console.

Note that San Binario wrote up an alternative method to get the debug console working which changes the core code, which I wanted to avoid. I didn't try their method... but maybe it works better for you.